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I have had acupuncture in the past and was very specific when searching for someone for my 9 year old since she was recovering from appendicitis and other ailments. After Children’s Hospital ran all there tests to clear her from the “scary stuff” they were very supportive of my going the route of Acupuncture for her. I interviewed a few acupuncturist and when I found Lisa she was very thorough in our initial call and answered my many questions. She listens, makes herself available, follows up and if there is any concerns prior to or during (my daughter was nervous) she is very patient. She takes her time to understand history and if she feels you should speak to your main doctor about something she guides you. To work with Lisa is a partnership. After the first visit we saw huge progress! After a few months of visits my daughter’s stomach issues had resolved back to no pain!

Lisa is incredibly skilled at what she does. My 9 year old walks in there now and from being apprehensive in the beginning she now trusts her to put Acupuncture needles as needed in her face and ears were she was determined from her first appointment that would never happen! Lisa’s background and personal experience makes her a wonderful resource and truly is our family acupuncturist for all ages! Besides traditional needles she incorporates a variety of other tools to help with any ailments. If you are looking for a kind, knowledgeable and positive Acupuncture experience Lisa is your perfect resource!

–Diane E.

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